Extracapsular Techniques
for CCL Injury

AKA “Ex-Cap Suture,” “Lateral Fabellar Suture Stabilization,” and “Fishing Line Technique.”

Reliable Technique

Extracapsular techniques for CCL injury rely on a synthetic material placed in and around the joint to mimic the function of the CCL.

Over time, the body heals around the synthetic ligament and scar tissue is built up around the knee.

Patient Selection

For best results, we focus on this technique for dogs and cats with a CCL injury that are
< 30 lbs in weight.

Patient age, body condition, lifestyle, and concurrent diseases may help determine whether an extracapsular technique or osteotomy procedure would be a better option for pets weighing 15-30lbs.


Extracapsular repairs depend on the body’s healing and fibrosis to occur around the synthetic over time.

This technique generally requires 6-8 weeks of recovery at home.

Success Rates for This Procedure are Reported Around 85%



Rehabilitation protocols have been found to be beneficial in the recovery following knee surgery.

These protocols. are tailored to each specific patient and can be discussed with your veterinary team. General exercises to consider include:


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