After Care Instructions: Perineal Urethrostomy

Activity Restriction:

Activity should be restricted for the next 2-3 weeks while incisions are healing.

During this time pets should be kept indoors, separated from other pets, and not be allowed to jump up on/off furniture or run up and down stairs. Your pet should be confined to a small area with access to food and water.


The incision(s) may be checked 1-2 times daily for any signs of dehiscence (separation from the skin), excessive swelling, pus or discharge, and redness. If you observe any of these, please contact the veterinary team. It is extremely important to keep the perineal incision untouched until after the healing period of 2-3 weeks. This will help to minimize the chance of stricture formation.


An e-collar is REQUIRED at all times for the entire 2-3 week recovery. If you observe that your pet is still able to lick, groom or scratch at the surgical site(s), please ensure that the e-collar is on properly and/or contact your veterinary team for assistance.


Only use non-clumping paper litter (such as Yesterday’s News, crystal litter, or shredded paper) for the 2-3 week recovery. Your pet should have access to a litter box at all times, which should be kept clean to encourage urination.

Monitor that your pet is urinating at least 1-2 times daily.  If you have not seen your pet urinate in 24 hours and water intake has been adequate, please contact your veterinary team for evaluation.


In many cases, diet changes have been shown to decrease the formation of urinary stones/mucus/crystals/inflammation.  Please work with your veterinary team on a urinary diet for long-term management of lower urinary tract disease.  Some options to most commonly consider include: Purina UR kibble, Hill’s C/D, or Royal Canin SO. Kibble options are available, but consider wet can options as an additional source of water intake (see below).

Encourage water intake by providing additional water bowls, keeping water fresh, considering wet diet formulations, using drinking fountains, changing the bowl material (plastic, ceramic, stainless steel), and allowing free drinking behavior from faucets. 

Incision Recheck & Suture Removal:

In most cases, sutures are absorbable, however, please schedule an appointment for 2-3 weeks for incisional re-evaluation.  Any sutures still remaining may need removal. It is possible that your pet may need to be sedated.

Please do not feed your pet the morning of this appointment.


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